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Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design objectives is to provide in-depth thermal and hydraulic design theory of two-fluid single-phase heat exchangers for steady-state operation. Three important goals were borne in mind during the preparation of this book:

  1. To introduce and apply concepts learned in first courses in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and calculus, to develop heat exchanger  theory. Thus, the book will serve as a link between fundamental subjects men-tioned and thermal engineering design practice in industry.
  2. To introduce and apply basic heat exchanger design concepts to the solution of industrial heat exchanger problems. Primary emphasis  placed on fundamental concepts and applications. Also, more emphasis is placed on analysis and less on empiricism.
  3. The book is also intended for practicing engineers in addition to students. Hence, at a number of places in the text, some redundancy is added to make the concepts clearer, early theory is developed using constant and mean overall heat transfer coefficients, and more data are added in the text and tables for industrial use.

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Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design Content

  • Frontmatter
  • Classification of Heat Exchangers
  • Overview of Heat Exchanger  Methodology
  • Basic Thermal Design Theory for Recuperators
  • Additional Considerations for Thermal Design of Recuperators
  • Thermal Design Theory for Regenerators
  • Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Surface Basic Heat Transfer and Flow Friction Characteristics
  • Heat Exchanger Procedures
  • Selection of Heat Exchangers and Their Components
  • Thermodynamic Modeling and Analysis
  • Flow Maldistribution and Header Design
  • Fouling and Corrosion
  • Appendix A: Thermophysical Properties
  • Appendix B: ε‐NTU Relationships for Liquid‐Coupled Exchangers
  • C: Two‐Phase Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Correlations
  • D: U and CUA Values for Various Heat Exchangers General References on or Related to Heat Exchangers
  • Index



Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

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