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Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities

Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities

Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities describes fixed fire pump installations for industrial facilities from the viewpoint of the end users, fire protection engineers, loss prevention professionals, and those just entering a career in which decisions about fire pump installations must be made. Therefore, much background information is given for the necessary requirements and usefulness of a fire pump and the services that interface with it.

It is assumed that the reader is generally knowledgeable with hydraulics for pumps and pumping systems; therefore, this book is not concerned with those detailed design mathematical calculation aspects. Many excellent reference books are available which provide adequate guidance in the design of firewater installations to calculate water flow, pressure and other hydraulic features and concerns associated with fire pump installations.

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Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities Content

  • List of FiguresFire Pump Arrangements
  • List of Tables
  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notice
  • Introduction
  • Historical Applications of Firewater Pumping Systems
  • Philosophy of Protection
  • Firewater Flow Requirements
  • Duration of Firewater Supplies
  • Sources of Firewater Pump Supply
  • Pump Types and Applications
  • Pump Installation, Piping Arrangements, and Accessories
  • Materials of Construction
  • Pump Drivers and Power Transmission
  • Firewater Pump Controllers
  • Reliability
  • Classified Area Pump Installations
  • Firewater Pump Acceptance and Flow Testing
  • Human Factors, Quality Control, and Audits
  • Appendix A: Selected Major Incidents Affecting the Performance of Firewater Pumping Systems
  • Appendix B: Purchase Data/Specification Sheet
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index

This book’s primary objective is the provision of practical information and basic background design principles on the application of fixed pumps for firefighting purposes at industrial facilities, both onshore and offshore. Where specific details are necessary and pertinent to the discussion they are provided, otherwise, these can be found from the applicable fire codes and engineering practices to be applied to the facility.


Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities


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