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Carrier TDP 611 COMMERCIAL HVAC AIR-HANDLING EQUIPMENT Central Station -Air Handlers

Carrier TDP 611 COMMERCIAL HVAC AIR-HANDLING EQUIPMENT Central Station -Air Handlers

Technical Development Programs (Carrier TDP 611 COMMERCIAL HVAC AIR-HANDLING EQUIPMENT) are modules of technical training on HVAC theory, system design, equipment selection and application topics.  targeting both engineers and designers who wish to develop their knowledge in this field to effectively design, specify, sell or apply HVAC equipment in commercial applications.

Although carrier  developing  TDP topics are  as stand-alone modules, there are logical groupings of topics. The modules within each group begin at an introductory level and progress to advanced levels. The breadth of this offering allows for customization into a complete HVAC curriculum – from a complete HVAC design course at an introductory-level or to an advanced level  design course. Advanced-level modules assume prerequisite knowledge and do not review basic concepts.

This TDP module will explain the types of equipment and the sectional components that comprise an air handler, both indoor and outdoor types, discuss modem construction methods for central station air-handling units, as well as the software programs used for selection.

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Carrier TDP 611 Content

  • Basic Air Handler Unit Construction
  • Air Handler Types
  • Coils
  • Fan Section Characteristics and Performance
  • Centrifugal Fan Types
  • VAV Fan Volume Control
  • AMCA Fan Class
  • Fan Components
  • Unit Accessories
  • Access and P lenum Sections
  • Face and Bypass Damper Sections
  • Ultraviolet Light Germicidal Lamps
  • Energy Recovery
  • Additional Air Handler Configuratio
  • Summary
  • Work Session
  • Appendix
  • Work Session Answers


Factory-assembled central station air-handling units are generally one of the first items of air conditioning equipment selected after the cooling load estimate is completed. In the system design process, a chilled water or refrigerant temperature level is established under which the chiller or condensing units will operate. In tum, this temperature is used to determine the design requirements for the air-handling equipment, including coils and fans.


Carrier TDP 611 COMMERCIAL HVAC AIR-HANDLING EQUIPMENT Central Station -Air Handlers

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