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Carrier TDP 301 COMMERCIAL LOAD Estimating Level 2 Fundamental

Carrier TDP 301 COMMERCIAL LOAD Estimating Level 2 Fundamental


Technical Development Programs Carrier TDP 301 COMMERCIAL LOAD Estimating Level 2 Fundamental are modules of technical training on HVAC theory, system design, equipment selection and application topics. They are targeting engineers and designers who wish to develop their knowledge in this field to effectively design, specify, sell or apply HVAC equipment in commercial applications.

The fundamentals of commercial load estimating are needed to understand the various load components that go into making a practical estimate of the amount of heating and/or cooling energy needed to condition a building. Done properly, a load estimate provides the data necessary to select heating and cooling equipment that can condition the spaces within a building. If the characteristics of the load components for the building and the HVAC system are known, then an analysis of the application can be used to come up with the correct load and equipment selections to complete the design. Along with psychrometrics, load estimating establishes the foundation upon which HVAC system design and operation occur.

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Carrier TDP 301 Content

  • Introduction
  • Types of Load EstimatingCarrier TDP 301 COMMERCIAL LOAD Estimating
  • Load Estimating Methods
  • External Space Loads
  • Solar
  • Transmission
  • Infiltration
  • Internal Space Loads
  • Piping, Tanks, and Evaporation
  • System Loads
  • Duct Heat Transfer and Airflow Leakage
  • Fan Horsepower and Motor Heat Gains
  • Plenums
  • Load Component Profile
  • Plotting on the Psychrometric Chart
  • Heating Load Estimate
  • Summary
  • Work Session 1
  • Appendix

Load Estimating, Level 2: Fundamentals is the second in a four-part series on load estimating. It is pre-ceded by an overview of the topic and followed by two TDPs that review the procedures for completing block and zone load estimates and refinements required for preparing a system-based design load estimate.



Carrier TDP 301 COMMERCIAL LOAD Estimating Level 2 Fundamental

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