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Flexible Manufacturing systems

Flexible Manufacturing systems

The main objectives of Flexible Manufacturing systems is to produce a good textbook from the student’s point of view. The book is intended as a text to be used by students in technical institutes.  written for postgraduate and undergraduate students. The underlying theme of the book  to expose the reader to a larger number of mechanical systems and the techniques of the systems. The course material presented in the book evolved from the author’s experience in teaching this course for many years to the undergraduate students of Mechanical, IEM and PG students of Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Terminology and definitions are introduced and explained as needed, emphasis has been placed on the topics considered most important and the material is arranged for easy understanding. This textbook  arranged so that the engineer in practice can use it for self study. To make the text meaningful and valuable to all engineers and students, the authors have attempted to include case studies.

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Flexible Manufacturing systems

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgement
  • FMS Introduction and Description
  • Manufacturing Cell
  • JIT and KANBAN System
  • Group Technology
  • Machining Centers
  • Deburring and Wash Stations
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Automated Material Movement and Storage System
  • Cutting Tools and Tool Management
  • System Hardware and General Functionality
  • The FMS Software Structure, Functions and Description
  • FMS Installation and Implementation
  • Case Studies

A flexible manufacturing system (FMS)  an arrangement of machines … interconnected by a transport system. The transporter carries work to the machines on pallets or other interface units so that work-machine registration is accurate, rapid and automatic. A central computer controls both machines and transport system.

“FMS consists of a group of processing work stations interconnected by means of an automated material handling and storage system and controlled by integrated computer control system.” FMS  called flexible due to the reason that it is capable of processing a variety of different part styles simultaneously at the workstation and quantities of production can be adjusted in response to changing demand patterns.


Flexible Manufacturing systems

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