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BSRIA Commissioning Water Systems

BSRIA Commissioning Water Systems

BSRIA Commissioning Water Systems explains how to commission water pipework distribution systems in buildings. The commissioning process mainly comprises the setting to work of the system pumps and also the regulation(or proportional balancing) of system flow rates.

The procedures set out in this guide, if undertaken, should achieve compliance with the requirements of CIBSE Code W Water Distribution Systems(1), which sets out the standards of good practice which are generally accepted within the building services industry.

The emphasis of this guide is on heating and cooling systems for buildings (chiefly non dwellings) although it may also be applied to other types of water distribution systems. The guide is equally applicable to new-build and retrofit applications and is independent of the scale of the system.

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BSRIA Commissioning Water Systems

  • DefinitionsBSRIA Commissioning Water Systems
  • Abbreviations
  • List of symbols
  • Introduction
  • Design for commissionability
  • Commissioning devices
  • The installation of commissionable systems
  • Site test instruments
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Example method statements
  • Reporting and documentation
  • References

Proper commissioning enables engineering systems to operate at optimum performance providing the building users with good quality internal environments. This guide encourages designers and also clients to consider the requirements for commissioning at an early design stage of a project. This will ensure that the statically completed installations are fully checked and also proved. This guide presents a detailed description of the practical aspects of commissioning procedures in a step-by-step format.

The design of a multi-circuit pipework distribution system should include a calculation of the pressure loss through each circuit at the design water flow rate. The circuit that is estimated to have the largest pressure loss is known as the index circuit. Usually (but not always), this is the circuit serving the terminal unit located furthest from the pump.


BSRIA Commissioning Water Systems

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