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A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations

A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations

A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations provides practical , easy to follow methodologies for a range of calculations used in the design of heating Ventilating and air conditioning

The calculation sheets are presented in five sections

  • Heating Loads and plants
  • Cooling Loads and plants
  • Water flow distribution systems
  • Air flow distribution systems
  • Acoustics for building services

the calculation sheets provides practical guidance including design watchpoints, Design Tips and Rule of thumb an are intend to aid  the design process and reduce errors.The guidance is based primarily on data and procedures contained with the CIBSE guides together with other sources as building regulations which cross-referencing provided to data sources.

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The publication intended primarily to help junior design Engineers working within a structured and supervised Training Framework, By providing assistance in completing the basic calculations needed to define operating conditions for systems . Size distribution systems and to specify required duties for plant and equipment .It is not the purpose of this Guide to identify the most appropriate system for particular application . such decisions require knowledge ,experience and analysis of the application.

A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations Content

  • IntroductionHVAC Building Services Calculations
  • The building services design process
  • Overview of calculation sheets
  • Over view of calculation topics
  • References
  • Calculation topics and flow charts
  • Alphabetical list

It will be necessary for users to exercise their own professional judgment or obtain further advice from senior Engineers within their organization when deciding whether to abide or depart from the guide

The calculation sheets are relevant to my design application but cannot be fully comprehensive or cover every possible design scenario

Designers should exercise professional judgment to decide relevant factors and establish the appropriate data sources and methodologies to use for a particular application.


A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations

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